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  • Monkeyland, Animal Alley, The Crags, 6602

  • Longitude: 23.4836928
  • Latitude: -33.962618
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  • We are open every day of the year including all public holidays and weekend.  Birds of Eden is open from 8am till 5pm


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Birds of Eden

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the breathtaking Birds of Eden, a world-renowned free-flight aviary that stands as the largest of its kind globally. Nestled within 2.3 hectares of partially forested terrain, enveloped by a 3.2-hectare mesh and featuring a 1.2-kilometer walkway, this sanctuary is a haven for avian enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

With the freedom to explore at your own pace or opt for a complimentary guided tour, visitors are treated to an immersive experience among 220 diverse bird species, totalling over 3500 individual birds. From the enchanting Knysna lourie, whose awkward call belies its graceful presence, to a stunning array of Turaco species, parrots, parakeets, waterfowl, flamingos, starlings, robins, and majestic cranes, the sanctuary is a vibrant tapestry of avian life.

The aviary's design, soaring approximately 50 meters high, blankets the treetops, providing expansive flying space for its feathered inhabitants. A deep gorge with a cascading waterfall adds to the allure, creating a natural and harmonious environment. More than a spectacle, Birds of Eden serves as a sanctuary for birds previously confined to cages, offering them the chance to unfurl their wings and embrace natural avian behaviours.

A must-visit destination on the Garden Route, the aviary invites you to spend an entire day surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of in-flight birds. Ample benches offer tranquil spots to observe and appreciate the avian wonders. Accessible to all ages and fitness levels, the facility is wheelchair-accessible, ensuring inclusivity for all. Rain or shine, the aviary remains an all-weather haven, though during rain, visitors may experience the enchanting sensation of being in the midst of a natural shower.

Embark on an adventure of discovery and connection with nature at Birds of Eden—a sanctuary where the sky is alive with the vibrant hues and melodies of its feathered residents.

Map and Directions to Birds of Eden

Find us on the N2 in The Crags between Tsitsikamma and Plettenberg Bay

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