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Friday, 25th July 2014


In honor of an iconic personality and a hero celebrated globally, this day is set aside to take the good this man always strived for, and spread it through various kind acts. Nelson Mandela Day not only celebrates Nelson Mandela’s life, but it is also a global call to action for people to recognize their ability to have a positive effect on others around them. The day seeks to inspire people to embrace the values that Mandela shared. These values include democracy, freedom, quality, diversity, reconciliation and respect. Many people and organizations around the world take part in many activities to promote Nelson Mandela Day. These activities include volunteering, sport, art, education, music and culture. Various events are also held on or around the 18th of July, to honor Nelson Mandela’s works and to promote the different projects that were inspired by Mandela’s achievements.

On Mandela Day, the ECTOUR team geared up to do some giving back. For Mandela Day, Jonker and Lauren headed out to SAMREC in Port Elizabeth, to get their penguin on. The team assisted with maintenance efforts and joined in the celebrations of the launch of SAMREC’s first batch of solar panels. What an experience helping and reaching out for a good cause within conservation.

SAMREC is Port Elizabeth’s marine bird rehabilitation and education center situated in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve. The center’s purpose is not only to rescue and rehabilitate, but to also inform and educate the public through their different programs. Tour the marine rehab and education center and experience nature through sight, sound and touch. Visitors can experience the hospital and see the volunteers in action helping to save our environment, in particular the endangered African Penguin. The Penguins Go Green project aims to assist the centre to get off the grid by installing solar panels and in the process make more money available for the conservation process.

For more information on SAMREC and the Penguins Go Green project, contact SAMREC at 041 583 1830 or visit

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