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Monday, 23rd February 2015


Need to quench your thirst for South African knowledge?

Here is a great opportunity to do not just that but to also equip and empower your employees better.

The SA Specialist program is an interactive learning experience designed to improve your knowledge of South Africa and equip you with the skills to sell South Africa as a tourist destination; in essence, you become an expert on South African travel, giving you the opportunity to market yourself as such and to improve the level of service you give to tourists.

You have 90 days to complete the SA Specialist: Essentials course, which introduces you to South Africa and its attractions.

Study in your own time, when it suits you ... as long as it’s completed within the three months. You will need to successfully complete four compulsory modules, three elective modules (though you may choose to complete up to nine elective modules if you wish), and a final assessment in order to qualify as an SA Specialist.

Once you’ve become an SA Specialist by completing the Essentials course, you qualify for the video-rich SA Specialist: Experiences course, which exposes you to a series of fantastic South African experiences. Choose one experience, or choose them all – it’s up to you. There’s no time limit on this one.

Through the SA Specialist program you will become a South African Tourism-accredited travel specialist who has the knowledge to sell South Africa as a destination. You are also entered into the South African Tourism (SAT) database of SAT Specialists, improving your marketability. You will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the relevant course, and will be entitled to use the name 'SA Specialist' or 'South African travel expert' in your marketing materials.

The courses are free.

So, what are the benefits of becoming an SA Specialist?

● You can brand yourself as an SA Specialist or South African travel expert in your marketing materials.

● You will increase your knowledge of South Africa, thereby increasing your earning potential.

● You will be able to create more enticing packages for your clients, enhancing your reputation as a go-to person for South African travel, and increasing your business opportunities.

● Personal fulfillment – tourism is a dynamic and exciting industry; you can maximize the role you play within it.

Urging all employers as well as employees to take time out and challenge your level of general knowledge about our beautifully diverse country, to tackle this program and revel in the benefits. 

Read up on the program on the SA Specialist website and challenge yourself to this informative course.

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