6 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting South Africa

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Monday, 28th September 2020



Have you always wanted to head to South Africa? It’s a land that’s filled with endless opportunities and plenty of activities to suit all individuals. If you’re a fan of culture for example, cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg have plenty of museums and galleries to keep you occupied. Animal lovers will have a fantastic time searching for the big five, while adrenaline junkies can come face to face with great white sharks. Let’s not forget South Africa’s stunning scenery with golden savannahs and beautiful deserts.

Below, we’ve rounded up some things you can strike off your bucket list by visiting South Africa. Whether you’re there for a few days or a couple of weeks, you’ll have plenty to do and will be in awe of this astoundingly gorgeous nation.


Immerse yourself in nature at Tsitsikamma


This region sits on a 200 metre high plateau and means “place of abundance” or “sparkling water”. If you’re heading to South Africa you have to spend time in this gorgeous region that’s surrounded by incredible nature. If you’re a fan of outdoor activities you can go blackwater tubing on the Storms River to explore some of the more remote areas of the Tsitsikamma region.

Hiking is also a must here with a plethora of hiking trails to choose from. Head on the Mouth Trail that’s situated in Tsitsikamma National Park. The entire trail will take about an hour and you’ll walk along a winding boardwalk through an indigenous forest to the mouth of Storms River. If you’d like to soak up some panoramic views, you can also continue along the trail and attempt the steep climb to the lookout point on the plateau.

Another great spot to visit in Tsitsikamma is the wolf sanctuary. It’s the first ever sanctuary in South Africa and is registered with the nature conservation. There, you can spend some time with the wolves and even have a picnic in the outdoors. If you’d like to see the wolves getting fed, call ahead to find out the timings. There’s also special night tours that you can reserve in advance.


Head on a Safari


You can’t go to South Africa without heading on a safari. The country’s most popular game reserve is Kruger National Park. Not only is it the oldest and largest park in South Africa, it’s also easily accessible.

While you’re there, it’s highly likely that you’ll get to spot all of the Big Five – leopard, elephant, lion, cape buffalo and black and white rhino. While you’re there, why not make a special few days out of the experience by staying in a luxury lodge or chalet?

If you’re looking for something a little quieter than Kruger National Park, you can also head to some of the other off-the-beaten-track safaris such as Mkhuze Game reserve or some of the other smaller safari parks peppered near Cape Town.


Get your Surf On


Whether you’re an avid or surfer or are new to surfing, South Africa is the perfect place to ride those waves. With a coastline that stretches more than 1,600 miles, there’s plenty of surf spots to get you started. For beginners, Muizenberg is a great place to start. If you’re a more experienced surfer, the most famous wave is Dungeons– known to get as big as 60 feet.

 You can also head to the surfing capital of Jeffreys Bay that’s located south of Port Elizabeth. The annual J-Bay Open is held there so it’s a popular spot. Other great surfing areas include Durban along with North Beach and New Pier for adrenaline junkies.


Sip some Fine Wine


South Africa’s also got some great wine so if you’re looking for something more laidback to do why not head for some wine tasting? With vineyards and rolling hills, it’s the perfect activity for a lazy afternoon. To sip some exquisite wine, you’d want to head to the Cape Winelands that’s surrounded by stunning scenery.

Stellenbosch is one of the most popular spots for wine. It’s the country’s oldest wine route and has almost 150 wine farms. It’s a place you’ve absolutely got to visit – even if it’s just to catch a glimpse of its Cape Dutch-style houses.

Surrounded by vast mountains, Stellenbosch also has plenty of fantastic restaurants to satisfy all palates. Either than Stellenbosch, you’ll also have to head to Franschhoek. It’s known as the culinary capital of South Africa and is surrounded by towering mountains with plenty of vineyards and outstanding restaurants. Pair some gourmet food with a delicious glass of wine and you’re sure to have an amazing time.


Get your heart racing by diving with Great White Sharks


Ever wanted to swim with Great White Sharks? You can do exactly that in South Africa. Step into a sturdy iron cage, plunge into the ocean and come face-to-face with the largest predatory fish in the world. The best time for you to take the dive is anytime through April and October, but you should be able to spot a Great White at any time of the year.

 Some areas where you’ll be able to experience this heart pumping dive include Sea Island, Mossel Bay, and Gansbaii. No diving certification is required since you’ll be in the comfort of your own custom-designed cage. If you’re not a fan of heading into the water, you can also experience a bit of the action by watching it from the boat.


Take in gorgeous scenery at The Garden Route


The Garden Route runs for 200 kilometres through some of South Africa’s most beautiful scenery. On this route you’ll drive along the Indian Ocean, and to the Storms River. Along the way you’ll encounter different types of scenery from rolling hills to coastal towns, glistening lagoons, and dramatic coastal cliffs.

 Along the way, you can also stop by some incredible attractions such as the charming town of Knysya, and the stunning Garden Route National Park. Catch a glimpse of the seal colony at Robberg National Reserve, learn more about ostriches in Oudtschroon's ostrich farms and immerse yourself in a host of other activities from elephant back rides to whale watching trips.


Airbnb in Pretoria, South Africa


The above are six things that you can strike off your bucket list while visiting South Africa. We’re just scratching the surface on the things that you can do as South Africa has plenty more to offer. For example, Pretoria, South Africa is a lovely place to visit for its Jacaranda-lined streets.

While you’re there, comfortable accommodation is also a must, and you can check out any of these Airbnb vacation rentals in Pretoria, South Africa for some inspiration.

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