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Monday, 23rd February 2015


Travel Massive started over a six pack of beer on the rooftop of the YHA Hostel in Sydney Harbour in 2010. A small group of people met to talk about travel, and these events quickly grew in size each month as more people found out about the meetings that were often hidden in backpacker bars. Since those days the group grew to a global community of thousands of members in over 72 cities worldwide.

Meetings were based on three simple rules – to be open to all the travel industry, to be free to attend, and to encourage people to connect and share globally. These founding principles started the first chapters of Travel Massive in Toronto, London and San Francisco and created the beginnings of a global network in early 2011. Together a worldwide movement was created that is making an impact in travel.

Wherever you are right now, look out the window and think about why you travel. We travel for adventure, to learn new things, to meet new people, to challenge ourselves, to have new experiences, to see lives from another perspective, to grow ourselves, to reach out and explore, and for a million other reasons. Travel can transform lives and change our worlds.

As pioneers, leaders and influencers of the travel industry, we have a responsibility for influencing how and where people will travel and for creating the experiences they will have.
Innovations and ideas from the Travel Massive community will create new ways to dream, plan, arrive, explore and to share our journeys. Travel Massive is bringing new ideas, collaboration, innovation, diversity and new talent to the travel industry. Travel massive is about unearthing innovation around the world, bridging gaps across verticals, connecting people, building new relationships, and fostering collaboration and shared learning on how we can make travel truly better. Travel Massive is creating a new era of exploration for a new generation of travelers.

Who is Travel Massive?               
Travel Massive is many things to many people, but at the core is a network of locally organized communities of travel industry insiders who care about making travel better.

The first Travel massive Chapter in South Africa was started in Cape Town in 2014 and they have had some memorable events to date. Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape decided not to be left behind and ECTOUR CEO, Jonker Fourie, has managed to establish only the second official Chapter in South Africa. Quite an achievement for the province, considering that we have been able to do so before Johannesburg, Durban or Pretoria.  Joining Fourie as Chapter Leaders are Craig Duffield of Mosaic Tourism, Geoff Applewhite of Gardenview Guesthouse and Phrosne’ Phillips of Brochure Management Eastern Cape.
“The aim is to get various people in the travel industry ranging from accommodation owners and managers to tour operators, travel bloggers, attraction owners, social media people and many more into one room and get them to network, talk travel, exchange ideas and even do business together,” said Fourie.  “Although the Chapter is called Travel Massive Port Elizabeth, the aim is to take the events around the province and to get as many travel people as possible together and network.”

We hope to see you at a Travel Massive event soon.

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